​​​​​​CT. Better Bounce LLC


We Begin deliveries at 7:00am. If you need the rental unit before that time we can discuss a time that will work.  Also the contact person must be present at the time of set up.


To properly install an inflatable unit we must be able to access electricity within 100 feet of the unit. The inflatable must be far enough away from low hanging branches, power lines and chain link fences. The inflatables can be set up on grass or pavement which must be free of rocks, sticks, broken glass and pet dropping.

Rental times:

Drop off times range from 7:00am -1:00pm . Pickups start at 5:00pm . If additional time is needed please feel free to discuss this when booking your rental.

Inclement weather:

We will issue a credit for another day in the event of inclement weather for  the following conditions. Heavy rain or steady rain, Winds in excess of 25MPH , and if the temperature is below 50 degrees. Once the unit has been setup there will be NO refunds issued in the event of inclement weather .

Payment and Deposits :

Payment must be received at the time of set up. We accept cash & checks. All fees and taxes will be included in your bill.


Adult supervision must be maintained at all times!

The bounce house, water slide, combo bounce house, slip-n-slide, or obstacle course must not be left unattended while there are children using it. AGAIN, adult supervision must be maintained at all times!

No food or beverages in the bounce house at any time.

No shoes or sharp objects in the bounce house at any time.

No somersaults, wrestling, or any other rough housing is allowed while in the bounce house.

It is recommended that each bouncer enter and exit the bounce house in a seated position.

Do not bounce closer than two feet from the door.

Do not climb or hang from interior or exterior of the bounce house.

Do not use the bounce house while it is raining. The surface of the bounce house becomes very slippery when it is wet.

NO SILLY STRING allowed in or around the bounce house.  Silly String’s chemical formula permanently damages the vinyl used to make all inflatables. If Silly String is used on the equipment and stains the equipment or the equipment is vandalized, you will be charged the replacement cost of the inflatable Which can range from one thousand to seven thousand dollars and we will give you the damaged unit to keep.