​Snow Cones

Cotton candy machine comes with a half gallon container of flossugar and 50 paper cones

Additional half gallon of flossugar approximately 50 servings $10.00 ea.                                 

Additional 50 paper cones $10.00


Wacky Watermelon 

Blue Raspberry

Snow cone machine comes with 1 quart of Sno Kone syrup and 30 paper cones

Additional quart of syrup $9.00 each approximately 25 servings 

Additional 50 paper cones $10.00

Additional gallon of Sno Kone syrup $15.00 each approximately 100 servings

Pumps for gallon container $5.00 each



4 packages of popcorn  with seasonings and 30 boxes

Additional packages of popcorn $3.00 each approximately 8 serving 

Additional 25 popcorn boxes $5.00

$85 + tax  with the rental of any Inflatable 

popcorn maker
snow cone rentals
snow cone for rent

  Cotton Candy

$85 + tax  with the rental of any Inflatable 

cotton candy with sugar


$85 + tax  with the rental of any Inflatable 

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