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    This unit is for sale only. Please call for more information.

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Our 15" Splash Wet/Dry slide is great for backyard parties or events when a larger slide is just too big or you're looking for something geared more towards the smaller ones. This wonderful slide packs tons of fun into a compact, east to handle design.

Inflated Dimensions with slip and slide extension
41" L x 13'4"  W x 15'H

water slide volcano

​​Splash Water Slide

Inflated Dimensions

22’ L x 10’ W x 15’ H

~The Wipe Out dual wet/dry water slide will be a hit with your guests of all ages! Your guests will surf the wave on this 19" foot tall water slide. After climbing  to the top of this awesome water slide guests will whisk  down the slide and the small hump of the slide will give the riders some air and extra speed and they will land on a cushioned landing at the bottom.

$475 +Tax & Delivery​    

Inflated Dimensions

36’ L x 14’ W x 19’ H

Wipe Out Water Slide 

The Dual Slip N Slide is a double lane inflatable slip and slide that will leave anyone soaking in fun. You can go one at a time or race each other to the end for double the fun. This double lane slip and slide is a great way to cool off for hours during the summer heat.


$340 +Tax & Delivery

 33ft Double Lane Slip and Slide

Inflated Dimensions: 33L x 11W x 10H

water slide slip and slide
slip and slide for rent

 Big Kahuna Water Slide    

​​Double Splash Water Slide 

For Sale

Volcano Slip and Slide or Pool

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 Inflated Dimensions with pool

30'7" L x 13'4"  W x 15'H

Inflated Dimensions

35'L x 14'W x 17'H

Inflated Dimensions

22' L x 15' W x 15' H

~The impressive Double Splash Slide is a dual wet or dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges

$375 +Tax & Delivery

~This towering Volcano slide with detachable pool is sure to attract attention at your next big celebration. No need to climb a mountain, this lava-filled wet/dry slide takes riders up a 15-foot climb, and turns them under the "lava" top. Riders cruise past the wave-shaped walls to land in the spacious, curving pool at the bottom.

Or use our unique Volcano slide extension. It is the ideal way to increase the fun, and the crowds, with the impressive Volcano slide. This inflatable slide extension takes the original Volcano slide from amazing to unbelievable, by replacing the detachable pool with an additional full 20'6" of slide space. This amazing Volcano water slide extension is the perfect way to expand any birthday party rental or outdoor event 


~The Big Kahuna dual wet/dry slide is a great way to cool off this summer. Children and adults alike can slip and slide their way down this 17 foot slide. A midway hump will give riders an added rush into the pool at the bottom of this impressive wet/dry slide.

$450 +Tax & Delivery

double splash water slide
red water slide for rent
double splash water slide for rent

​​$330+ Tax Delivery